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Top 5 best nail polish brands

by Donie
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Hi everyone, Welcome to DrawDream.com, 

As we know that many woman has the passion of growing long and sharp nails.  To make your nails look nice you will have to go to salon or do it yourself.  For me I love to do it myself and paint what I want but of course if you don't have time, Salon is a good choice for you. Some local or cheap nail polish may harm your nails so that you have to use branded one to avoid such issues. 

Many nail polish brands out there if you don't know what should you get, Here I'm going to share you guys best nail polish brands that will help you make a right decision before you going to spend your money and this will worth it. 

 • If you love painting your nails and change the color quite often I'd recommended you to get your own nails polish this will safe a lot of your money and you will have fun doing your nails. :)
best nail polish
It is an amazing brand and very famous. If you love high quality nail polish, you are NOT going to want to miss this brand. Many nails professional artist said that the love the brush It's big and easy to use and makes the application faster and more even.   Very easy to apply also the colors are great, most of the formulas apply nicely it also offers long lasting nail paint but comparatively high in cost.
This brand is sold in 50 countries around world many woman said this brand is their favorite nail polish.  So If you love painting your nails you should try this brand because the result of it colors won't make you disappointed.  About the prices of OIP nail polish sale as  $4 to $4  it is available almost everywhere including on our website:) DrawDreamznailpolish
best nail polish
About the Product
• Six shades of summer neon lacquer.
• Matte Finish.
China Glaze is one of the best nail polish brands It comes with chip resistant and long lasting technology, also has plenty of colors which enables you to match it with your dress on special occasions. 
It is amazing brand  especially for painting your fingernail. If you a person that love party and go out  at night this brands is for you as it have  focusing to provide many colors that are in fashion like neon colors, etc. The brush is very easy to apply and hold. If you are a fun person and love colorful this brand is for you as it have too many of colors to pick. About the prices of China Glaze nail polish sale as $3 to $35.
best nail polish
About the Product
• Price: $17.02 & FREE Shipping
 • Nice 10 Piece Random Collection.
• Beautiful colors suitable for all woman.
• Comes Packed In a Nice Clear Box.
• Will Make A Great Gift.
• Gift Ready.
It is an amazing brand and very famous it doesn't to introduction because this brand has been known as a quality nail polish. It is very successful brand in terms of cosmetics and personal care products. The shades of polishes are very attractive that no one can ignore them. Revlon nail polish color does stay nicely about a week.
So if you want to keep your nails look beautiful while go on travelling for a week this is nail polish is one of the best choices for you. Also the brush size and brush shape allows for easy application and the one thing that u will love is their polishes do not dry out easily. About the prices Revlon sale as $3 to $25. So Revlon nail polishes they are quite cheap with high quality and come in great colors,  last a long time and dry pretty quickly. 
best nail polish
Essie is a quality nail polish brand and it is one among the globally recognized brands of nail polish which gives smooth finish to your nails. Essie nail polish is one of the best nail polish brands that have a lot of lovers It's dry fairly quickly and hardly chips. You can wearing the color of Essie for a week without a top coat and then watch the results mine was only on my pinkie nail has a small chip.
This brands have a lot of great colors. Essie is hard to apply because of thin bush and thin runny formula BUT Essie nail polish have a longevity you can keep it for a year it will never become thick!. About the prices Essie Nail Polish sale as $3 to $35. If you are love pastel colors this brands will not disappointed you. :)
best nail polish
About the Product
• Nice collection.
• Will Make A Perfect Gift.
• Suitable for all woman.
• Gift Ready.
The color is very opaque and the brush is good easy to apply.They are amazing for such a cheap prices like $3 to $20. Also the nail polishes claim to last up to 4-5 days or maybe up to a week. They dry so quickly after one coat, it is dry perfectly in 5-10 minutes!. The shine is so great to, it doesn't get too dull too fast without top coat which  is pretty good for the prices and it offers wide range of colors. 
• I hope this contents will help you figure out which nail polish brands that you want to buy and enjoy painting your nails everyone. :)
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