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The top 10 brush pens

by Donie
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Hi everyone, Welcome to DrawDream.com
This post is going to guide you how to choose the best brush pens for your art.
If you are a beginner for drawing and painting you are on the right place.
As we know that a brush pen is more than a tool it's an extension of your writing hand. Brush pens are oftentimes the secret behind beautiful script it will be really useful for your art. They're used for everything from writing painting and drawing. 
Here I'm gonna talk about two types of brush pens. 
These two brush pens have a big different
1. Brush markers are designed to mimic the effects that you can get with a pointed brush the tool is not actually a brush because at the end of the brush is pointed. Brush markers are suitable for beginners. As brush marker is pointed so it is easier to control than a real brush.
2. True brush calligraphy it will give you so much details for your art and you will have so much fun using true brush pens.
I'm going to give you 10 choices for brush pens.
These 10 are my favorite brush pens of all time. Let's see which brush pens will be the most useful and suitable for you. Hope you enjoy it! :)
1. Tombow Dual Brush Pens
They’re flexible, relatively easy to control and the range of colors is fantastic lots of nice greens and blues with plenty of neutral browns and grey to mix things up. The brush top works exactly like a paintbrush. 
 This Tombow Dual Brush Pens are really suitable for beginners, professional fine art and crafts. Also the pens are last a very long time. It does not bleed through the paper unless you really lay it on thick. 
Each brush pen has two tips a versatile, flexible, nylon fiber brush tip and a fine, hard tip with a single reservoir ensuring exact color match.
2. Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Pens
These brush pens are fabulous. They are an investment with great quality. 
The control is very precise, you can get a very fine or a very thick line out of them. There are lots of colors to choose from and the colors are very vibrant their ink flow is smooth and consistent. Also you can blend the colors like watercolors when you use a water brush since they are water-based. 
They have beautiful traditional Japanese colors. These markers pen are great for lettering script, coloring books for adults. Also They are suitable for sketching, illustrations, coloring books, and postcards. They are very much like the Tombow dual brush and the tip is easy to control. Felt brush tip creates a variety or thick and thin lines. Water-based and dye-based ink that can be blended with a water brush to create painterly watercolor effects.
These are great brush pens for intermediates perfecting their brush pen calligraphy. You can draw with a brush tip use a pentel aquash filled with sumi ink to draw, sketch, and practice calligraphy. This can be really fun to play with.
They are bright, vibrant, and brush nibs allow for a wide array of stroke sizes. Good brights and deeps for the set size. The brush is so perfect thin and flexible. Colors are great, They are not only great for coloring, they can even be used as watercolors and also you can mix the colors together for a lovely gradient effect or just do a single color wash.
These are an amazing markers, amazing colors, it is just simply amazing. It's very well investment for serious artists. They are worth every penny.
Copic Markers are so easy to work with. These markers are exceptionally known for their blending capacity. The blender marker can be used to correct small mistakes or to smooth out a hard edge of a color blending into another color. The better the paper, the better the blending. Also can be used in smooth strokes or stippling method, adding a textured look. They are quite popular for professional artists. 
As one of the top selling brands of artistic markers with brilliant colors are enclosed like those of a rainbow also the coverage is great. The color applies evenly and vividly. If you have the right kind of paper, you can blend the colors enough to suggest shading, shadows, and contours without having to actually draw the lines in.
The dual-ended design features a fine tip on one end and a large chisel on the other. This allows you to quickly flip between precision and coverage. The ink is richly saturated and designed for an effortlessly smooth flow while a single source of ink ensures color consistency at both ends. And the advanced, alcohol-based pigment resists fading so your creations will endure.
These brush pens are suitable for designing cards, envelopes, sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design and illustration. They are odorless permanent light fast and smudge proof/waterproof when dry.
They are smooth, rich colors and the tips are super fine to fill in the tiny spaces. They might seem pricey but they are long lasting and don't bleed through the paper. You'll really enjoy using them.
This is a great selection of pens in a good variety of bright colors that comes in a convenient plastic box-case. They are refillable makes these markers unbeatable. If you ruin a nib replacements can be bought. Each marker is double ended and one end is a fine bullet tip the other is a broad chisel nib.
Also they are fast drying alcohol marker and permanent. This is a great product for coloring if you cannot afford Copic markers.
These markers come in a nice carrying case to keep them organized and they color well. Colors are vibrant. but the color of the caps are a bit misleading, for example, the pale pink one isn't pink at all it's orange. There is no soft blue either. You should definitely scribble on a separate piece of paper before committing to your design just to make sure it's what you want. However they are very comfortably shaped, great for doing fine detail work. Vibrant colors, and a good variety of colors. Wonderful markers! These markers are suitable for Ideal for artists, designers, students and children.
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