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The top 10 art items for the beginner artist

by Donie
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Hi talented artists and welcome to Drawdreamz.com
Today I'm going to share the top 10 art supplies for beginner artist. If you are just beginning to draw and don't know what art items you should start with, this post is for you, This is what I use for my work. And I'm sure they will be useful for you guys too. Lets see the top 10 art items for the beginner artist that will help you create your masterpieces and unlock your imagination:
1.  Drawing Pencils
Drawing Pencils are the first thing  on the list. You may have been overwhelmed by all of the available paper and pencil options. There are many types of drawing pencils for you to choose from. You can check what we have available in the store here.
2. Drawing Papers
There are a lot of different drawing papers available for creating pen and ink art work. Learn about several different kinds of art paper that you can use to make your pen and ink drawings!. Get suitable ones for your artwork here.
3. Colored Pencils 
I spent about 50 hours just last week creating my art work. I used only colored pencils in all the drawings. It was soooooo fun and very good practice to become a professional artist.
Colored Pencils are suitable for beginner artist as well as kids. You will need them to help you achieve your goals to create wonderful inspiring artwork.
4. Paint Brushes
A great painter can be hard to remember that every artist was an absolute beginner at some stage. But it's true, no-one is born with a paint brush in their hand, everyone learned from scratch at some stage.
As we know practice makes perfect and if you want your art work to look wonderful, you will have to choose the appropriate types of paint brushes suitable for the color you are going to paint.
There are many types of paint brushes like for watercolor, oil color and acrylics color. If you would like to paint with acrylics color. 
I'd recommend getting one round and one flat brush. That's enough to accomplish most of what you need with acrylics.
5. Sketchbook
There are many different types of sketchbooks. Size matters for beginners, an A5 sketchbook would be good as a general purpose sketchbook.
It opens up to a working area of an A4 size paper. It's big enough so you can still create intricate art, and small enough for minimalism or painting watercolors with shapes.
Its 3.5"x5.5" size is good for practicing on the go and suitable to put in your travel bag. 
Sketchbooks can use normal paper, cartridge paper, watercolor paper or even lightly colored or black paper. Some sketchbooks can be expensive. And if a sketchbook has more pages it is a better deal, than those with lesser pages.
6. Canvas
Every element of Canvas is highly customizable through our options panel, so you can make the design, layout and typography exactly as you want. 
Canvas is a traditional support for painting, used for centuries by the masters, and it has endured in modern times as the support of choice.
There are 2 main reasons why artists love to paint on canvas:
  • its pleasing receptivity to the brush and
  • its longevity.

If you want to create a permanent artwork that will endure for centuries, you can't do any better.

Tip: I would strongly suggest a “stay wet Palette''. I was so used to watercolors, I was shocked at how fast acrylics dry. Also you can use a folded over piece of tin foil, spray your paint with a bit of water, or old yogurt containers, to keep your mixed paint in.

7. Pencils Sharpeners
A good pencil sharpener is key to keeping your wooden pencil in tip top condition. Not only does it shave the wood away to reveal the lead underneath, it gives you the perfect sharp point to bring your thoughts to paper.
If you love to drawing and sketching you will definitely need a good pencil sharpener to help you complete your art work and always keep your drawing pencils ready to create new things.
Handheld pencil sharpeners allow for precision and control when sharpening. 

There are 5 types of erasers.

Rubber Erasers used to remove graphite pencil on paper by shedding itself as it lifts the pencil marks.

Art gum erasers - the nice thing about gum erasers is that since they crumble when erasing, they do not tear up your paper. However, they also tend to not last as long as other erasers.

Kneaded Eraser - it is soft and flexible that is why some people play with it more than using. If you’re working with charcoal, a kneaded eraser is a must to have.

Plastic erasers are the toughest erasers on this list. If not used carefully they can easily tear through paper.

Last one is pencil erasers - they made of vinyl and come in pencil form. Because they are made of vinyl, they are very tough and can damage your paper if not used carefully. A good idea is using them for small details, such as highlights in hair etc.


9. Paint Pens


Paint pens can be used to create a simple art work like drawing a cartoon characters. They are easy to use and so much fun to work with because you can draw and paint in the same time.

Markers are simple to use and dry quickly. Drawing with markers will offer you a range of brilliant color that surely will excite your creativity. Too many types of paint pens you can choose to work with, so you will have to decide which one that suitable for your papers.


10. Artist Palettes


An artist's color and palette choice is a very individual thing and the subject an artist chooses to paint can have a huge impact on the choice of colors used.

There are many types of palettes and safety glass artist palette is one of the best choices, because they are nice and smooth, easy on brushes and super-easy to clean.

Next one is Oval Plastic Palette It's made of white plastic so you need to be careful about not letting the paints dry on the palette, as it can be difficult to clean after the paint has hardened. But its fine if you wash it right away after using. 

Everyone can go through a large amount of art supplies. It's wonderful to see them expressing their creativity, but keeping up with the demand can mean spending lots of money. So I hope this post will guide you guys what are the basic tools used to help you become professional artists and achieve all your art goals.

All the best guys and good luuuuuuck:)!

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